Avoid Getting Sick Blog
Traveling for work can put you in ‘germs way’, making it easy for you to get sick.  To make matters worse you could bring these nasty bugs home and spread it to your family – not the present they were hoping for! Follow these simple tips below to help keep these bugs at bay.
Wash Your Hands

Tip #1 – Wash Your Hands

It sounds simple and I know you have heard it many times before, but REALLY it is the most powerful thing you can do to avoid getting sick. Wash your hands for a full 20 seconds, it literally can stop the spread of infection (per the National Institute of Health – and they know a few things on this subject!) and protect you from getting sick.  If you can’t get to a sink then read tip #2.

Tip #2 – Use Hand Sanitizer 

ATM’s, security bins, public bathrooms, overhead storage compartments on planes are touched by many people multiple times per day – they are germ magnets!  Make sure you have a small travel size hand sanitizer with you and use it after touching these common areas. It also can’t hurt to wipe down the tray tables and arm rests on planes.  The cleaning crews don’t have much time to prep/clean and a virus can live from a few hours to a few days.

Tip #3 – Don’t Touch Your Face

Germs can migrate in through your eyes, nose and mouth.  Keep your hands away from your face no matter how much your nose or eyes itch!

Eat Healthy

Tip #4 – Commit To 1 Healthy Meal A Day

Eating healthy while traveling can be tough as you are often crunched for time or tempted with treats.   Try to work in 1 healthy meal a day, or better yet 1 healthy item at each meal.  Some fruit at breakfast, some dark leafy greens at lunch and dinner.  Sneak some of these super foods into your diet (berries, eggs, beans, nuts, oranges, sweet potatoes, broccoli, tea, spinach, yogurt) while on the road and you just may fend off that next cold.  To learn more check out www.eatingwell.com.

Tip #5 – Stay Hydrated

Your body’s first defense in fighting off germs and bacteria is that fine mucous layer of your nose, mouth, and throat.  When you get dehydrated that first line of defense becomes compromised.  Nothing like an extremely dry airplane or conference room to dry out your nasal passage.  Couple that with a high level of germs and it is a perfect storm to pick up a bug, so stay hydrated!  It is better to sip liquid throughout your travels to keep your nose, mouth, and throat in tip top shape than to guzzle a big glass of water at the start of the trip. Not only will staying hydrated help you minimize the risk of getting sick it can lessen other common travel issues such as headaches, fatigue, and cramps.  So drink up!

Maybe your not traveling to your typical work destinations but somewhere new and different – hopefully somewhere fun on vacation.  Check out more travel tips for faraway lands from Nomadic Matt here.