Four Ways to Make the Most of Your Work Trip

Using Free Time On The Road

Traveling for work can turn your life a bit upside down – emails pile up, kids need help with homework and projects, bills accumulate. However, you can capitalize on this time by building in a bit of ‘guilt-free’ time just for you. I know some of us might feel uncomfortable about doing this – but embrace it. A bit of ‘me’ time when you are on the road can make you, if nothing else, psychologically energized when you get back home.

Now is the time to sneak in some activities in the evening or mornings that you don’t typically have time for at home.

1. Watch a movie or binge watch your favorite Netflix series

Okay, we don’t recommend staying up all night (sleep is important when you’re on the road) … but this is a great time to check out that podcast you heard about, or just zone out and watch some YouTube videos. A favorite of the gang here at Carrie’s, is after a long day of meetings, emails and computer work is to crawl into bed and listen to the, a NYC-based non-profit dedicated to the art of storytelling. The stories are usually inspirational with just the radio recording. There’s no video, so I simply close my eyes and listen.

2. Deep condition your hair – when was the last time you did this?

The truth is hair can get dried out and damaged given all the dyes, heat tools and other hair treatments we use, plus traveling doesn’t help either. Deep conditioning can keep your hair vibrant, strong and healthy – not to mention more manageable! After a hectic day of meetings with finally some alone time in your hotel room, wash your hair, apply a conditioner and let it set for 10 minutes. Some sites suggest applying a low level of heat for better absorption, then rinse. Your hair will look great for the rest of the trip!

3. Update your LinkedIn profile and resume

You see a job posting for the company you currently work for – or that interesting search firm called you and right after you think, “that job looks interesting,” you think “ugh, I have to update my resume.” Lessen that herculean task by tweaking your resume when on a trip.  Even if you don’t write a fully flushed out ‘grammatically correct’ bullet point, just capture the idea down. This way, when you see that job or get that call, you aren’t wondering what to write, you are just touching up a bullet point. Did you recently finish a big project? Tack it onto your LinkedIn profile.

4. Phone a friend

You know you have that friend you exchange holiday cards with every year and say, “let’s catch up.” Well do it! Take that time in your hotel room at night to phone a friend, cousin or an aunt you’ve been meaning to call. You won’t have the everyday distractions and you can really focus on the conversations. Time zone changes could even work in your favor.