Carrie’s was born out of one too many bad hair days on the road.

As very frequent travelers ourselves, we were in a never-ending travel beauty battle: Hoarding random, hit-or-miss beauty samples, running around town to pick up subpar travel size products or messily decanting products to smaller containers. In the end, we were wasting time, using products that didn’t deliver and feeling frustrated. Ultimately, we didn’t look our best and felt a bit off our game-not how we wanted to feel in those all-important meetings.

We thought, there has to be a better way.

High Performance Products

To develop Carrie’s line of products, we partnered with skin and hair care experts who typically work with dermatologists and high-end hair salons. We discussed the beauty challenges of traveling; think jet lag, dehydration, hotel towels laced with harsh detergents, 100% humidity or no humidity at all.

Our expert team understood and got to work, crafting products to fight these unfriendly conditions. The result: A line of hair and skin care products to help you be your beautiful best when you are expected to be on your game.

‘Carrie-All’ Packaging

Check your bag-never! It is not good enough to just be less than 3.4oz. Bulky, travel-size products eat up space in your 311 bag – and transferring product to TSA travel containers is a messy (and let’s face it, not very sanitary) process. We get it, we’ve been there!

Carrie’s perfectly sized, TSA-compliant products are in neat and efficient packaging, allowing you to maximize the amount and variety of products you can bring on your trip. How beautiful is that?

Not traveling by plane-still no reason to bring bulky, full-size product on your trip – luggage space is too valuable. Carrie’s lets you bring  the customized products you need – and still have room for that extra pair of shoes!

Delivered Right to You

Carrie’s saves you precious time by delivering the products you need right to your door. Now, you will be prepared – no matter when you have to hit the road.

Forgot to order your Carrie’s before you left home? No problem, we can have it meet you at your destination.

Be your beautiful and confident self – no matter where you are headed. 

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