Age Defense Kit

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Your skin has stresses put on it every day. When you travel, it’s even worse – different environments, poor sleeping and eating habits take their toll. You’re beginning to notice the impact time and travel are having on your skin. It’s time to minimize that impact with Carrie’s Age Defense Kit.


“I’m on the road A LOT and a huge fan of the anti-aging moisturizer. It makes my skin feel great and no one needs to know my most recent birthday now has my age starting with a “4” – my secret!”  Pam C – Creative Director, Agency


Travel Size (311 Compliant) – efficient packaging saves room in your 311 bag!

Facial Moisturizer: Apple stem cells, hyaluronic acid and beneficial antioxidants

Facial Serum: Apple stem cell, red marine algae, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E

Eye Cream : Retinol, phosopholipids, coenzyme Q10 and key extracts