Age Defense Serum



Apple stem cell, red marine algae, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E protect, firm and hydrate your skin while fighting fine lines and wrinkles


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Your skin has stresses put on it every day. When you travel, it is even worse – different environments, sleeping and eating habits take their toll. You’re beginning to notice the impact time and travel are having on your skin. It’s time to minimize that impact with Carrie’s Age Defense Serum.


“This serum feels like silk going on.  My skin looks brighter in the morning, much needed help after late night dinner meetings! Love the slim package, slips right into my 311 bag.” Mary T – Sales, Consumer Goods


Carrie’s Age Defense Serum is a technically advanced, highly concentrated, water-based formula designed to absorb quickly and fight off the impact of travel stress and time.   
How Carrie’s Age Defense Serum delivers:


1) Apple stem cells fight fine lines and wrinkles, while encouraging collagen production.

2) Vitamin E protects skin from damage and hydrates skin.

3) Hyaluronic Acid hydrates skin.

3) Red Marine Algae firms and tones skin.


Your travel days may be stressful, but your skin doesn’t have to show it.

Apply to your face twice daily after cleansing and before applying Carrie’s Age Defense Moisturizer.