Curling Conditioner



Target moisturizers, proteins and natural extracts hydrate and boost curls while controlling frizz


We’ve Got Your Back:

Safe for color and chemically treated hair

Alcohol, paraben and sulfate and sodium chloride free

pH balanced

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You typically have everything under control, including your curly hair. However, traveling to very high or low-humidity destinations makes controlling your look difficult. Carrie’s Curly line of products allows you to keep control of your hair, even when you can’t control your environment.


“I hated giving a presentation knowing my hair was all frizzy, your curling conditioner did the trick – my curls have definition and shine – perfect for presentation day!”

Jane H – Global Strategy


Carrie’s Curling Conditioner allows your curly or wavy hair to behave as you desire. Its creamy complex proteins and moisturizers strengthen, hydrate and define curls, while soothing botanicals control frizz and provide shine.
How Carrie’s Curling Conditioner delivers:

1) Targeted Moisturizing Agents to define and hydrate curls.

2) Multi-Protein Complex to strengthen and boost curls

3) Chamomile, Rose Hip, and Sage Extracts to hydrate and control frizz while giving shine.


Touchable, manageable curls keeping you in control (Umm – of your look.)

Carrie’s Curling Conditioner is easy to use. Apply by running a generous amount through your curls with your fingers and then rinse. Need extra hydration? No problem. Reapply a small amount and do not rinse.