Curling Cream



Wheat amino acids, coconut and palm oil, plus light protectants retain moisture, soften curls and guard against frizz and flyaways 


We’ve Got Your Back:

Safe for color and chemically treated hair

Paraben free

Frizz and flyaway prevention

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You’ve got it all under control – your day, your agenda and your curls. Traveling can zap those lovely locks, given the lack of moisture, extreme humidity and harsh hotel towels. Carrie’s line of products for curly hair allows you to keep control of your hair even when you can’t control your environment.


“I hate presenting or going to meetings when traveling and I know my hair looks frizzy.  No more squirting my creams into travel bottles! My curls look great – thanks Carrie’s!” Kristen F – Communications


Carrie’s thick and texturizing Curling Cream provides luxuriously thick and tousled curls that have definition and shine. Advanced proteins and protectants provide moisture and condition curls, while preventing frizz and flyaways. 
How Carrie’s Curling Cream delivers:

1) Wheat Amino Acids to help hair retain moisture.

2) Coconut and Palm Oil Derivatives to condition and soften curls.

3) Protectants that provide a light barrier to hair, guarding against frizz and flyaways.


Touchable, tousled curls with definition and shine.

Place a small amount into your hand. Rub your palms together, then distribute evenly through towel-dried hair. How easy is that?