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Coffee extracts, jojoba esters, sodium hyaluronate, ceramide and potent antioxidants firm and retexture skin, while fighting fine line and wrinkles and increasing skin luminosity 


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With time, skin slows its naturally producing moisturizing agents – and now, traveling zaps it even further. Your skin shows the effects of arid airplanes, overly air-conditioned conference rooms and poor sleep. Not what you need when wanting to look and feel your most confident. Carrie’s silky Rehydration Serum can help.


“Love the rich mocha color and silky feeling.  My skin looks great no matter how long my days and nights are while on the road.”  Jennifer P – Travel Agent


Carrie’s Rehydration Serum is a sophisticated formula of key hydrating and firming ingredients packed with antioxidants. Its silky coffee-infused formulation is rich in color and penetrates the skin, helping to diminish the effects of time and travel.   
How Carrie’s Rehydration Serum delivers:

1) Coffee Extracts – antioxidant to fight free radicals, anti-inflammatory to reduce redness. Helps to increase circulation, improve elasticity and skin tone.

2) Jojoba Esters and Sodium Hyaluronate provides hydration, fullness and resilience to skin. Fights fine lines and wrinkles, too!

3) Dimethicone and Ceramide firm and retexture skin and combat fine lines and wrinkles.

4) Potent antioxidant with Orange and Lemon Peel Extracts to aid in fading brown spots and increase skin luminosity.


Gives your skin energy, radiance and the rehydration it needs during your hectic travel days.

Apply richly colored, silky formulation to your face twice daily after cleansing and before you apply Carrie’s Rehydration Moisturizer.