Straightening Conditioner



Tri-action proteins with sage and lemongrass extracts give moisture, straight silky texture and shine


We’ve Got Your Back:

Safe for color, straightened and chemically treated hair

Alcohol, paraben, sulfate and sodium chloride free

pH balanced

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You’ve always got your facts straight. Now if your hair would stay that way, you would be happy. Some climates make it difficult to fight off those unwanted curls. Carrie’s straightening products make it a snap to keep that straight style in line.


“This conditioner is AWESOME! Left in as directed (just 60 seconds) and I could feel the effects while rinsing my hair – soft and silky. After styling was silky straight! Using on the road and at home, I’m hooked!” Liz H – Designer


Carrie’s Straightening Conditioner does in 60 seconds what takes other hair mask and conditioners over 15 minutes to accomplish – who has that kind of time? Three complementary proteins provide different levels of conditioning to the hair shaft, resulting in soft, sleek, silky hair. Gentle enough to use every day. Fights frizz and flyaway hair too.
How Carrie’s Straightening Conditioner delivers:

1) Silk Proteins provide a protective barrier, giving moisture, great silky texture and incredible shine.

2) Rice Proteins, with low molecular weight, penetrates the hair shaft to rebuild and strengthen damaged hair.

3) Corn Proteins, with mid-range molecular weight, add shine and luster.

4) Sage and Lemongrass Extracts create shine and strengthen hair.


Silky, soft, straight hair in 60 seconds – let’s you get it straight the first time!

You don’t need a lot – matter of fact, it is so effective that it is best when used sparingly. Just work a small amount through your hair, especially the ends. Leave in one minute. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.