Moisturizing Shampoo



Coconut oil, stearic acid and botanicals clean, condition and add shine 


We’ve Got Your Back:

Safe for color and chemically treated hair

Alcohol, paraben and sulfate free

pH balanced



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Traveling leaves everything feeling parched – and when your hair gets parched, it gets frizzy and stands out (not in a good way). Carrie’s moisturizing line of hair care products is specially formulated to help moisturize, condition and strengthen hair. Send that dull parched hair packing!


“Perfect when traveling to dry places. No fly aways and scalp feels great!  Thank you!” Krissy M – Finance


Carrie’s Moisturizing Shampoo is specially formulated with gentle cleansers, important moisturizers and botanicals that eliminate build up, while promoting a healthy scalp and conditioning hair shafts.
How Carrie’s Moisturizing Shampoo delivers:

1) Coconut Oil Derivative aids water to mix with oil and dirt, allowing them to be gently rinsed away.

2) Stearic acid a naturally occurring fatty acid found in cocoa and shea butters, conditions and protects the hair shaft without making it dull or weighed down.

3) Loaded with Botanicals – to enrich hair providing a variety of different gentle cleansing and moisturizing agents to rid hair of impurities and add shine.


No harsh ingredients to dry or strip color treated hair.

Thoroughly wet your hair. Will lightly lather as you massage throughout length of your hair, gently eliminates build up.