Rehydration Kit

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With time, skin slows its naturally producing moisturizing agents – and now, traveling zaps it even further. Your skin shows the effects of arid airplanes, overly air-conditioned conference rooms and poor sleep. Not what you need when wanting to look and feel your most confident. Carrie’s Rehydration Kit can help with rich moisture that doesn’t have a greasy or waxy finish.


“I can almost hear the moisture leaving my skin while sitting on the plane! This moisturizer is great, keeps my skin hydrated and not greasy. Small size saves room in my carry-on luggage too.”  Kristen B – Industrial Sales


Travel Size (311 Compliant) – efficient packaging saves room in your 311 bag!

Facial Moisturizer: Sodium hyaluronate, ceramides and protective extracts

Facial Serum: coffee extracts, jojoba esters, sodium hyaluronate, ceramide and potent antioxidants

Eye Cream : Retinol, phosopholipids, coenzyme Q10 and key extracts