Volumizing Styling Mist



Panthenol, rice proteins and extracts provide volume, strengthen and condition hair


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Alcohol free

UV absorber

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Traveling to certain climates can leave your hair limp and lifeless. Wishing for added volume so you feel on point is an easy fix with Carrie’s Volumizing line of products.


“Nice change from the normal mousse option, surprised with the volume!” Kelly F – Sales


Carrie’s Volumizing Styling mist can help provide volume without feeling sticky. It’s alcohol-free formulation imparts body and shine, while helping to prevent breakage.
How Carrie’s Volumizing Styling Mist delivers:

1) Rice Protein strengthens and provides volume.

2) Panthenol strengthens hair and prevents breakage.

3) Algae Extracts condition and protect hair to reduce splitting and breakage.

Carrie’s volumizing styling mist provides a few approaches for volume:


1) Spray on your hair while wet, then blow dry to provide volume to straight hair.

2) Spray and scrunch your wet hair to enhance natural curls.

3) A few sprays all over – then scrunch on your dry hair to revitalize limp curls.


No matter the volume you need, Carrie’s Volumizing Styling Mist can help.