We love shoes!

Okay, we can admit when we have a problem here at Carrie’s, and at least one of those problems is shoe shopping. We are pretty sure the UPS man believes we all have an unhealthy obsession with Zappos, so bringing one pair of “sensible” shoes for a weeklong work trip just wasn’t us.

After years of traveling for work and absolutely only bringing a carry-on bag, we will share the secrets on how to pack four pairs of shoes for a five-day trip (out on Monday, home on Friday).

For starters, let’s not go crazy – you don’t need a unique pair of shoes for each day. We know we should workout while on the road, so sneakers count as one of those pairs (drat!).

In total, here’s how you can bring three to four pairs of shoes on your five-day trip:

1. Flats on travel days

Flats – Make a cute pair of comfortable flats what you wear on your travel days. They make it easy to run through the airport and are useful for a casual dinner at night.

2. Sneakers – Running Shoes

Sneakers – Get running shoes (even if you’re not a runner). They are usually lightweight, slim and easy to pack. Place them separately in your carry-on, pushing the sole side against the outer part of your bag. Now it’s easier to mold your clothes around your shoes and the soles don’t touch your clothing.

3. Fun Shoes – 2 pairs

Two pairs of fun shoes – Pack one pair with a neutral color, but a fun style and pack the other pair that has a fun color and style! You will be able to alter these options with your flats for some stylish looks during your work week.

A few more tips!

A fifth pair? We said we had a problem, right! If you really want to go for it, you can pack another pair after you’ve packed your entire suitcase sole side up, lying on top of your clothes or facing the outer rim of your bag.

Pack your underwear, socks, nylons, and other small items (plugs, chargers, etc.) inside your shoes to make use of all available space.

If you want to wrap your shoes in a separate bag within your carry-on, wrap them in an inexpensive, non-sealable plastic bags, they take up less space.